Delta Rise | Bike Storage Room - Directions

Bike Storage Room is on Floor: P1

Detailed Directions are:
  • Located on P1, underground parking near stall # 230,
  • In the NW corner of P1 parkade. Next to staircase# 4 & Near Car-Wash.
  • The old door tag may read " Recycling room".
  • The room has 2 big grey color doors.
  • A bike lock rack runs along the walls of the room.
  • The rack is numbered in sections of approximately 1 ft.
  • To use a rack section, please register your bike by filling bike rack registration form.
  • Upon registration, you will be issued a bike rack number and a corresponding sticker to display on your bike.
  • For any questions or concerns contact the front desk.
  • The room is locked and can be accessed using your fob between5 am to 11 pm.  Read rules & policies before us.

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